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The landlord and tenant reference guides offer recommendations for building owners looking to implement green leasing practices across their portfolios. We also offer sample lease clauses, case studies, and recorded trainings.

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Interview: Buildings Can Be Part of the Solution to Climate Change

Mitigating Real Estate Risks through Efficiency: Partnership

IBM and Lendlease Leverage Green Leasing as Tenants to Achieve Net-Zero

Energy Operations and Maintenance Best Practices Guide

Green Leasing in DC

Making Efficiency Work for You: A Guide for Empowering Landlords & Tenants to Collaborate on Saving Energy & Resources

Green Leasing Info Sheet

Overcoming Seven Key Landlord-Tenant Hurdles to Make Ambitious Carbon Reductions a Reality

The Tower Companies Leverage Green Leases to Reduce Energy and Water Use

LBA Realty Leverages Sustainability-as-a-Service Program to Engage Tenants

Green Lease Leaders