About Green Lease Leaders

Green Lease Leaders recognizes forward-thinking companies and real estate practitioners who break down barriers to high-performance buildings by revolutionizing leases to incorporate energy efficiency and sustainability.

The cumulative floor area of managed by Green Lease Leaders is now nearly 3 billion square feet, representing a huge potential for growth in green leases.

The Green Lease Leaders program is a reflection of dozens of conversations with commercial, retail, and industrial real estate leaders and other leasing stakeholders, as well as market progress in green, also known as "energy- and water-aligned" or "high-performance" leasing. Program participants may apply for recognition under Tenant, Landlord and/or Team Transaction categories. Learn more about how to apply.

Recognition Criteria

  • Aligns with EPA's new ENERGY STAR for Tenants recognition program
  • Silver and gold recognition levels
    • Silver level recognizes the implementation of green lease language in foundation corporate policies and standard lease forms
    • Gold level recognizes the execution of green leases

Green Lease Resources

  • Reference guides for tenants and landlords to support participants in identifying and documenting their green leasing best practices and to earn recognition as Green Lease Leaders.
  • Online lease assessment to allow tenants and landlords to quickly determine opportunities for improvement.
  • Case studies and tip sheets

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