Looking for more information on how to become a Green Lease Leader or to simply explore green leasing best practices and case studies? Preview the Landlord, Tenant, and Team Transaction applications in their entirety, download our landlord and tenant reference guides, and check out our featured resources below. Don't see what you're looking for? Visit greenleaselibrary.com

Green Lease Leaders Reference Guide for Landlords

Green Lease Leaders Landlord Reference Guide

This document provides guidance to landlords on how to achieve recognition as a Green Lease Leader.

Green Lease Leaders Tenant Reference Guide 

This document provides guidance to tenants on how to achieve recognition as a Green Lease Leader.

Promoting Solar PV on Leased Buildings Guide

This guide outlines the benefits, barriers and strategies to installing solar on leased buildings.

NEO Realty Group Green Lease Case Study

This green lease transaction demonstrates that anyone in any location can achieve energy efficiency goals for both landlord and tenant stakeholders.

Measuring the Potential Impact of Green Leases in the U.S. Office Sector

This IMT report estimates that green leases have the potential to yield $3.3 billion in annual cost savings for the leased U.S. office market.

Green Lease Library

These green leasing resources, and many more, are available at www.greenleaselibrary.com.