Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for Green Lease Leaders recognition?

The online application can be found at

When is the deadline to apply to become a Green Lease Leader?

The application deadline to earn Green Lease Leaders recognition in 2020 is March 31, 2020.

When and where will the 2020 Green Lease Leaders be announced?

The 2020 Green Lease Leaders will be announced at the BOMA International Conference & Expo in Philadelphia. More details are forthcoming.

How long does the Green Lease Leader designation last for?

The Green Lease Leaders designation is valid for three years, after which recipients are invited to reapply.

What is a portfolio?

A portfolio is the group of buildings or leased spaces to which the participant’s green leasing practices apply. Participants should strive to define the portfolio as all owned buildings or leased spaces in the United States. However, since this broad definition is not always feasible, participants may choose to define their Green Lease Leader portfolio as a subset of their U.S. portfolio. Examples include a regional portfolio or all buildings within an investment fund. Green Lease Leader portfolios which do not include the participant’s entire U.S. portfolio will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

I have many leases that will not come up for renewal for years. Can my organization still be recognized as a Green Lease Leader?

Yes. Participants are not required to renegotiate existing leases to meet their new green leasing policies before the renewal date. Revised policies and lease language should be the “going-in” offer in lease negotiations in new leases and lease renewals as they occur. The leasing process is a negotiation.

What if I’m not able to get every green leasing clause my organization has committed to in to every lease I sign?

That’s OK. It is understood that some green lease requests may be denied or changed during the lease negotiation process. However, starting lease negotiations with these requests ensures that both parties will at least discuss the intent of green leasing clauses. Many Green Lease Leaders have found that energy and water-related clauses and requests are easily negotiated into the final lease.

For Gold level recognition, does my organization have to meet all prerequisites and credits in a single executed lease?

Yes. While it is not required that every executed lease to contain each prerequisite and credit pursued, at least one lease provided for documentation purposes must show that all elements were executed.

Do I need to provide an executed lease to qualify for Silver level recognition?

No, an executed lease is required for Gold level recognition.

My company includes sustainability clauses in lease amendments, appendices, and exhibits. Are these documents eligible for inclusion in the Green Lease Leaders application?

Yes. Any document included in the lease package, including appendices, exhibits, and tenant guides, are eligible to have their language and clauses considered for Green Lease Leaders eligibility.

As a landlord, I’m unable to include any tenant information in my lease. Is there a limit to what I am able to redact?

When applying as a landlord, you’re able to redact all tenant information, including the tenant’s name and signature. Similarly, when applying as a tenant, while you must keep your own name on the lease, you can redact all landlord information. In general, as long as it is clear that your organization has signed a lease, and the green lease language is not redacted, your application should be accepted.

For providing sustainability contact, I am unable to get language into the lease, would a welcome letter or other form of formal communication be sufficient?

Yes, as long as it is made clear to the tenant who they should contact regarding sustainability issues.

My company is not currently eligible for recognition. How else can we be involved?

Organizations that are committed to green leasing, yet have not been able to meet program requirements, are able to join as participants and receive guidance from IMT and the Better Buildings Alliance on steps to take to implement green leasing best practices and work towards becoming a Green Lease Leader.

What can I do to show compliance with a credit, if it is standard practice within our corporation (e.g. tracking energy and water use), but not formally enforced as a corporate guideline?

Some type of documentation is needed, we are flexible on the form it takes. Contact IMT regarding a specific credit at

My green lease provisions do not specify a size threshold (i.e. greater than 5,000 sq ft) for submetering tenant spaces because flexibility is needed, would we still qualify for the submetering credit?

You will need to provide some documentation showing that these spaces are submetered, and confirming that the data is shared for non-metered spaces.

Although energy-efficiency fit-out is not included in the lease, it is a standard practice. Can we provide documentation, instead of adjusting our lease?

Yes, as long as it is made clear to the tenant about who to contact regarding sustainability issues.

Is the Transaction Management Team on the landlord or tenants side?

Tenant. They determine where the tenant will open an office or store and execute leases with landlords. Brokers are engaged by landlords to find tenants to lease out their spaces.

Would a spreadsheet developed for for the Tracking Your Water Use credit meet that requirement/be considered corporate documentation?