Congratulations to the 2017 Green Lease Leaders!

“Green Lease Leaders continue to lay the foundation for a new standard of practice where tenants and landlords regularly work together to create win-win solutions to advance building energy efficiency and sustainability.”

- Jason Hartke, Program Manager of Commercial Buildings Integration at the U.S. Department of Energy

Landlord & Tenant Recipients

Team Transaction Recipients

“As more building owners and corporations recognize the strong business case for investing in energy efficiency, they can look to the multitude of Green Lease Leader landlords and tenants for examples of how to transform the leasing process into one that aligns incentives, locks in major energy cost savings for both parties, and raises their sustainability profiles in the real estate market."

- Cliff Majersik, Executive Director of the Institute for Market Transformation

The Green Lease Leaders program shines a spotlight on innovative landlord and tenant companies that add energy efficiency and sustainability clauses to their leases. IMT and the Better Buildings Alliance are proud to recognize the 2017 Green Lease Leaders. For more on this year's recipients, read IMT's press release.